Vacuum Conveyer Mini

  • the parts that have to be sterilized are easy to dismantle
  • all components that are in contact with the product are suited for the use in pharmaceutical industry, they are sterilizable and FDA-approved
  • we offer different special filter, e.g., stainless steel, antistatic pocket filters, electrically conductive PE filters with PTFE surface membranes
  • pneumatic steering
  • time-controlled filter cleaning
  • vacuum generation via ejector principle
  • sterile disposable filters in suction, repulsion and exhaust zone
  • controller and vacuum unit are isolated from vacuum conveyer
Item-No. Characteristics
1.000.057 Vacuum Conveyer MobiVac, Pharma, MobiVAC 001, 10 - 100 kg/h
1.000.099 Vacuum Conveyer MobiVac, Pharma, MobiVAC 001, 20 - 200 kg/h
  Adjusted equipment on request